APAMSA Region V Conference

Though comprising 17% of practicing physicians, Asians are conspicuously underrepresented in the higher echelons of leadership. To date, there have been no Asian deans of a medical school and very few department heads. The perception that Asian Americans, in the aggregate, are overrepresented in the medical workforce, only serves to mask this significant disparity.

It has been argued that Asians have encountered a “bamboo ceiling,” in which the traditional Asian upbringing of filial piety, deference to authority, and humility do not give Asians the lessons they need in order to play a dominant role in the workplace. Our intention is to interrogate the stereotype of the bamboo ceiling and identify ways that we can overcome it without compromising our own ethnic identities. While there is increasing recognition that diverse leadership is critical to advancing the medical field to the next era, significant changes need to be made systemically before true equity and inclusion are attained. The intention of the 2015 APAMSA Region V Conference is to provide tools for the current generation of medical students to pursue leadership roles in order to increase minority representation in the health care workforce.

Register here: http://apamsa2015conference.tumblr.com/


February 28th

1:00 PM    Registration

1:10 PM    Opening Remarks

1:15 PM    KEYNOTE: Henry Lim, MD, Chair of Dermatology and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Henry Ford Hospital

1:45 PM    WORKSHOPS I: Skills

Option 1: “Managing Your Professional Presence”: Tony Tsai, MBA, Educational Innovator, University of Michigan Medical School

Option 2: TBD: Jimmy Hsiao, CEO of Logic Solutions

2:30 PM    PANEL: Early Career Physicians in Dialogue

Jules Lin, MD, Assistant Professor of Thoracic Surgery, University of Michigan Medical School
Daniel Gih, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Michigan Medical School
Alice Chi, MD, OB/GYN Resident, University of Michigan Medical School

3:30 PM    Coffee Break

4:00 PM    WORKSHOPS II: Reflections on Identity

Option 1: “Why Asians Don’t Like To Talk About Race”: Carlina Duan, Co-Managing Editor of Michigan in Color

Option 2: “Why Are All the Asians Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?”: Intergroup for Social Relations CommonGround

4:45 PM    KEYNOTE: George Murakawa, MD, Somerset Skin Centre

5:15 PM    KEYNOTE: Mary Feng, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, University of Michigan Medical School

5:45 PM    Dinner

7:00 PM    Networking/Socializing