The Mentorship Committee at UAAMSA is in charge with facilitating mentorship between medical students and faculty, between medical and pre-medical students and between pre-clinical and clinical students.


Faculty mentorship is aided via semesterly social events between UAAMSA’s associated faculty and medical school students. During these events, students are encouraged to interact with faculty to receive academic and career advice and seek out opportunities to shadow them in a clinical setting.

Pre-medical mentorship is done via the Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students at the undergraduate level at the University of Michigan. UAAMSA participates in this program in conjunction with our sister diversity organizations: the Black Medical Association and the Latin American Native American Medical Association. Medical students are paired with mentees, offering advice on the medical school application process, the MCAT, extracurriculars and research. Various events are set up to enhance engagement between mentors and mentees: beginning-of-the-year dinner, anatomy lab shadowing, the “Application Station” event and coffee hours.

MedSibs offers mentorship between clinical and pre-clinical students at the medical school. Social events throughout the year facilitate interaction between both. It is expected that clinical students will provide advice to pre-clinical students as to how to navigate the transition from pre-medicine to medicine as well as share notable experience and wisdom on research, extracurriculars and social activities.

  • MAPS (Medical Student to Undergraduate Mentorship)
  • Med Sibs (M2 to M1 Mentorship)
  • Faculty Mentorship Dinners (Faculty to Medical Student Mentorship)
  • Into the Wards Dinner (M3 to M2 Mentorship)

Committee Chairs: 

Britta Han

Grace Keeney

UAAMSA Mentorship Award


This award has been given annually in recognition of a faculty member and/or house officer for their guidance and support to Asian American medical students at the University of Michigan Medical School. The Lotus Award plaque is on display on the 6th floor of Taubman Health Sciences Library.

Our most recent winners were Dr. Jules Lin and Dr. Joseph Martinez. 

  • 2015 Recipient: Jules Lin, M.D.; Joseph Martinez, M.D.
  • 2009 Recipient: Michael Heung, M.D.
  • 2008 Recipient: Catherine Kim, M.D.; Yeong Kwok, M.D. 
  • 2007 Recipient: Michael Heung, M.D.
  • 2006 Recipient: Arno Kumagai, M.D.
  • 2005 Recipient: Hari Conjeevaram, M.D. (faculty); Praveen Kambam, M.D. (house officer)
  • 2004 Recipient: Hari Conjeevaram, M.D.
  • 2002 Recipient: Peter Lee, M.D. (faculty); Nora Lin, M.D. (house officer)
  • 2001 Recipient: Arno Kumagai, M.D. (faculty); David Deguzman, M.D. (house officer)
  • 2000 Recipient: Mei-Yu Yu, M.D., Ph.D. (faculty); Namita Sachdev, M.D. (house officer)
  • 1999 Recipient: Sewon Kang, M.D. (faculty); Sheila Chuang, M.D. (house officer)
  • 1998 Recipient: Anna Lok, M.D. (faculty); Rajesh Mangrulkar, M.D. (house officer)
  • 1997 Recipient: Voravit Ratanatharathorn, M.D. (faculty); Rajnish Dhingra, M.D. (house officer)
  • 1996 Recipient: Chen-Hsing Hsu, M.D. (faculty); Eleanor Sun, M.D. (house officer)
  • 1995 Recipient: William Kou, M.D. (faculty); Rajeev Venkayya, M.D. (house officer)

Mentorship News

04Nov 2015

The UAAMSA Mentorship Committee hosted the annual Faculty-Student Mentorship Dinner. Asian-American faculty members from UMHS shared their experiences about being Asian-American in medicine. UAAMSA members had the opportunity to network with faculty and get a perspective on what to expect in their professional careers. Faculty participating included Dr. Denise Zao, Dr. David Deguzman, Dr. Jules […]